Responsible Investing

Responsible Investing | SRI & ESG Investment Advisors in Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva Capital is committed to responsible investing that delivers superior financial performance for investors.

Thematic Funds

We focus on absolute return funds that target long-term market opportunities in key sectors which require disruptive technologies and innovative solutions to meet future market opportunities and the demands of climate change adaptation. For example:

  • Water
  • Agriculture
  • Alternative Energy
  • Forestry & Timber
  • Health & Nutrition

Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance)
We represent single manager investment funds that incorporate ESG research into the investment portfolio strategy. ESG analysis strengthens the traditional investment process by offering a rounded picture of the competitive risks and future value potential and performance of companies based on three key areas of analysis:

  • Environment- Companies that manage and minimize their impact on the environment and adaptation to climate change can improve over the long term cost efficiencies, grow brand value, and achieve "a social license to operate" in areas where community and NGO relations are sensitive.
  • Social- This involves an analysis of risk to sustainable competitive advantage as a result of the human capital dimension. It involves assessing the quality of how companies recruit, train, and motivate their employees, health & safety issues, labour relations, with its employees and supply chain contractors, as well as other key stakeholders.
  • Corporate Governance- The main contribution to the investment analysis that corporate governance provides is an evaluation of the the quality of the senior management team, board of directors, internal controls and transparency issues.

"For institutional investors, the fundamental ideas behind responsible investment are very simple: we believe that well governed companies and entities are best able to deliver long term value for investors". Donald MacDonald, Trustee, British Telecom Pension Scheme.

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