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SRI is an approach to investing that allows the investor to blend the pursuit of market rate returns with measurable environmental, and social impact. SRI is also known as mission investing, community investing, or triple bottom line investing. SRI investment opportunities are often focused on under-represented communities in frontier, emerging and also in developed markets such as social venture funds that seek to create employment and stimulate local economies by investing in small and medium sized entrepreneurial ventures.

Microfinance is an emerging SRI asset class that aims to deliver small to modest returns to investors while at the same time creates the provision of financial services to the poor.

"Sustainability and long-term value creation are closely linked. Business and markets cannot operate in isolation from society or the environment. Today, the sustainability challenges the planet faces are extraordinary and completely unprecedented. Business and the capital markets are best positioned to address these issues. And there are clearly higher expectations for businesses, and more serious consequences for running afoul of the boundaries of corporate responsibility. We need to return to first principles. We need a more long-term and responsible form of capitalism. We must develop sustainable capitalism." Al Gore and David Blood

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