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Geneva Capital provides specialized advisory services to private banks, insurance companies, independent funds-of-funds, private asset management firms, family offices, pension funds and ultra high-net-worth individuals seeking to allocate to unique and exceptional responsible investment opportunities.

Our Process
The language of sustainability and impact investing is new to many financial professionals and investors alike. It combines all aspects of traditional finance plus environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact indicators. For this reason, our approach is much more comprehensive than traditional advisors. The result is a unique approach grounded on the latest research as well as concrete experience and best practices in the constantly evolving sector. Our process produces highly tailored investment solutions that align investor's financial goals such as risk management and diversification with their non-financial goals, which may include inter-generational wealth transfer, family values and succession planning into one concrete program.

In-Depth Conversations with our Clients
Our client engagements begin with an in-depth and intensive discussion about their goals, motivations and views on numerous topics and at different levels, which at first may appear unrelated to investing. These conversations go beyond the discussion of investment horizons and risk/return trade-offs and encompass a comprehensive approach to the markets as well as pressing issues facing our world today. This expansion of the client-advisor dialog reflects the inclusion of ESG factors and their implication on portfolio strategy provides the foundation for our customized solution.

Independent and Innovative
As an independent advisory, our focus on the client's needs is not influenced by legacy products or strategies and our independence permits us to freely use the best-in-class products available. In addition, our independence allows us the opportunity to be innovative and pro-active in our thinking and execution in ways that are uncommon for larger, institutional advisers.

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