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So far, investors looking to invest for the common good have had little reason to look at hedge funds. But this could be about to change, as hedge funds slowly start to embrace socially responsible investing.

Hedge funds struggle with SRI for three reasons: the demand for transparency, the strategic restraints and the questionable returns. However, as the idea of SRI gains traction with institutional and private investors, the number of hedge funds with environmental, social and corporate governance-compliant strategies is increasing.

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Frontier Markets

Private Equity with a New Attitude: As recently as 2009, bringing up frontier market investing would have left you finishing your drink alone at the conference bar as well as producing mixed results on your portfolio.  With a 66% decline from the US$67 billion raised in 2008, fundraising in developing markets appeared to plummet right along with the global decline with a 55% fall in value for emerging market focused transaction volumes during the recent economic crisis . However, there was a surprising recovery the following year which was particularly marked in Latin America with a >500% increase by investment value to US$6.65bn, and in emerging Asia with more than 60% of the US$18.3bn that was raised in emerging markets during that period.  What was going on?

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In 1990, the first "SRI in the Rockies" conference might have looked like a fashionable function to attend. But instead of disappearing, SRI's popularity has increased year-on-year. Pension funds, insurance companies and high net worth individuals have led the way to increased demand for SRI. Hedge funds, on the other hand have seemed reticent. Is there any chance that will change?

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